samsung mini repair

Samsung mini repair of screen is done very professionally at XG mobile Phone Repair. If you have dropped and cracked your Galaxy mini screen or may be you want some other repair. Come to us and we can certainly solve any of your issue.

Apart from the screen repairs we can also help you with all the other types of Samsung mini repair. Like for example charging problem, Sim card issue, battery replacement or data recovery and many more. You may be having other issues some of them are listed below.



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My samsung mini S3 is water damaged. What should I do.? Water damage is probably quite a serious problem you are dealing with. First of all if you are not really sure what to do. So just bring your device to us and we will look into this matter very professionally. The most important thing you can do is to turn off your device immediately. And do not try to turn it on before any professional diagnosis. The reason behind this when you turn off your device, it will stop any short circuit.

My Galaxy mini S5 is not charging. Do I need a battery replacement.? Well to answer this question we will firstly have to look into the device personally. Because there may be an internal problem device, which may require a battery replacement. Or probably there may be a simple issue we will be looking at. Moreover sometimes charging port are creating this issue rather than battery itself. Don’t worry we will repair your phone same day while you are waiting.