Samsung S

At XG we do all kind of Samsung S series repair. May be you need a Samsung S screen replacement today. We provide Original screen and parts for all repairs. We know even a small crack on your screen can be really frustrating. That is the reason we aim to provide best quality service to you.

If you are not looking for screen repair then you might want some other Samsung S repair. Probably from Charging port repair to simply speaker volume repair or even more, we can certainly repair all.



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My Galaxy S4 Front camera is not working properly. What should I do.? Is it seems like your camera is blurry. First of all the most common thing you can do is to to restart your device. Even after all this if your camera is still blurry try to clean the camera lens. For this use a clean cloth to wipe away any dirt or dust, may be this will solve the issue. If not then finally bring your device to us and we can certainly fix your problem while you wait.

What if my Galaxy S7 is not holding its charge. Do i need a battery replacement.? In order to look into this matter we need to to identify the problem therefore we need to run a diagnosis check . If then we need to change the battery we will. This is the most common problem we get every day. Hence there can be number of reason causing the drainage of battery. One of them is may be of using fake batteries. Secondly too much charging very frequently also results in your battery damage. This is in fact a very quick job. Simply just bring your iPhone to XG Mobile Phone Repair. And we will certainly fix this issue while you are waiting.