iPhone XS repair

With iPhone XS in your hands you try to be more careful while handling it. And we understand the frustration when something goes wrong with your device. If you have dropped your iPhone and your screen is broken. Do not stress out at all XG have got you covered. We provide Original screen replacement for all of our iPhone devices. Or may be you are looking for some other iPhone XS repair. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will certainly help you out with your issue.

Rear Glass Repair XGR now also provide Rear Glass replacement service. So get your iPhone XS back glass repaired with us at a very reasonable cost. Our Back glass repair cost includes the cost of labour including parts as well, so you don’t have to pay anything extra on top. Contact us if you have any query regarding this or anything else, we are always happy to help.







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My iPhone XS screen is broken do I need a screen replacement ? Well if your iPhone XS screen is broken then you are looking for two things. First of all if you think you have only broken the glass of your iPhone then you don’t need a screen replacement, instead only glass repair will be done. But if you think your iPhone LCD is gone then you might need a LCD repair. Well Prices varies for both glass repair and LCD repair. From time to time XG keeps offering deals on iPhone repairs and you can take advantage from it. If you are not sure about your damage just bring your device into our store and we will certainly take it from there.

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