iPhone XS Max repair

Mostly iPhone XS Max repairs are expensive but not here at XG Mobile Phone Repair. Its because we aim to provide you best quality along with the best price possible. Furthermore our other main features include same day service and lifetime warranty. Whether your have broken your iPhone screen or you are looking for some other iPhone XS Max repair XG can fix them all.

Some of the examples of other kinds of iPhone repairs are shown below. Whatever issue you are dealing with your device today do not worry at all we have got you covered.

iPhone XS Max Back Glass Repair

Its not only highly frustrating to use or handle your device when your back glass is broken, but also dangerous as it can leave cuts on your fingers or hand. So whenever you are thinking of having your back glass replaced always be very mindful about it and  ensure that it will get repaired only professionally. As unprofessional repair or DIY can lead to various complications such as screen malfunctioning, freezing or simply low quality back glass. Great news! XG Mobile Phone repair not only offers high quality back glass repairs on iPhone but it also comes with low cost. Just bring your device and we will take care of your problem in no time. 





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I have dropped my iPhone XS MAX and it got cracks on the screen. Do I need a screen replacement? Most of the people continue to use their phone after cracks in screen. But we highly recommend to get your phone repaired as soon as possible. The reason is because if you decide to use it even for more longer period it might result in serious damage. And finally may be you will end up paying more because you might then need screen replacement instead.