iPhone 7 repair cheap

In most of the places iPhone 7 repair is relatively very costly. They charge you probably higher than the actual service price. But not here at XG. Our price is cheap not the quality. Firstly because we believe in customer satisfaction. And that is the reason we provide Original screen repair with low cost but along with high quality.

You may be looking for some other services. Like for instance your Camera is not working properly or you have a battery issue. From Charging port, touch screen repair to simply speaker or volume repairs. Hence we fix it all very professionally. Below you will find all the other repairs you may be interested today.







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How much My iphone 7 screen repair will cost me? If you go to the Apple store, they will certainly charge you more than the actual job. Similarly the case is almost same with any other brand shop. But if you decide to bring your device to us. You will certainly satisfy with our prices and quality. And the chances are very much high you will not only come to our shop again, but also recommend our services to others.