iPhone screen repair is one of the most common repairs we get everyday. We understand the hustle therefore we aim to provide same day service mostly to all of our repairs. Although in iPhone repair below you will certainly find all the models that you might be looking for today. XGR provide all the repairs with High quality but along with low cost, which is definitely difficult to find. In other words we believe in full customer satisfaction. Moreover at XGR we do all our iPhone screen repair with Original screen and parts.

As the introduction of new iPhone, Apple has introduces so many new features in them and back glass is one of them. It is so devastating if one's iPhone back glass will break. It is not only difficult to handle the device but however on the other hand it is also dangerous as health and safety wise reasons, because as a result you can get cuts easily on your fingers and hands. So it is advisable to get your device repaired as soon as possible. Moreover prolong leaving of your damaged device un repaired, could also results in future malfunctioning and it might cost you more than actual. Good news at XG Mobile phone repair we use high end laser technology for your iPhone back glass repair. It is of high quality but comes with low cost. 



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