At XGR we are now offering iPhone back glass repair.

iPhone back glass repair


One of the features that new iPhone possess is its back glass along with other things. Like for instance advanced camera, new sleek design, extended quality battery life and more internal data space. The main reason for the introduction of back glass in new iPhone models, was so that they can support wireless charging, also known as Qi charging. It is an inductive charging technique that needs to pass through the back of the device. If the back is made of metal instead of glass, the induction will not pass through it. And other materials like plastic are not only strong enough but also do not give that sleek premium look. Moreover back glass also gives more flexibility and has less interference with cellular antenna.


Though back glass has so many benefits but it has some pitfalls as well, because back glass makes your device more vulnerable and easy to break. However Apple uses high quality and strong glass but at the end of the day it is still glass and it can break if it hit ground hard enough. Now a day’s our iPhone is a necessity instead of a luxury as you take it everywhere with you, people do their office work or business on their device, and that is the reason more chances for damage.

The process of repairing back glass is quite difficult and expensive, because Apple uses epoxy glue and components attach to the back, making it difficult to replace. In fact it is easy to replace a screen than to replace a back glass.

Things you should keep in mind

Please be very careful when it comes to replacing your iPhone back glass, as leaving it un repaired, taking it to an unprofessional or trying DIY’S can not only results in further damage of your device. Like for instance it can malfunction the touch screen or interfere with your wireless charging. Besides this, it is also very dangerous health and safety wise, as it can leave cuts to your hand or fingers. Or if it is severely shattered small pieces of glass can end up anywhere.

Plus it is difficult to handle the a broken device. Because chances are high when you dropped you device it can leave cracks on both your front screen and back glass, making it hard to read or swipe.

The broken back glass makes your device more vulnerable, because if it expose to water through crack or shattered glass, it can easily lead to water damage which is sometimes non repairable.

Luckily there are things that help you to minimize the potential breaking of your device. Use case for your device. It will not only protect the back of your iPhone but also the front screen, and the edges, which is of course very useful. Try to minimise the use of your device when you are out and about especially walking or running.


One of the biggest concerns one might have when it comes to the cost of repairing your back glass. As most of the professional shops charge you way more than they should be charging and if you decide to go to Apple store for your back glass repair it is quite expensive as well.

But good news!  You do not have to worry about the repairing cost at all. At XG Mobile Phone Repair we provide professional repairing of iPhone back glass. We use high end laser technology and specialist to replace your back glass. Our method of replacing the back glass is also reliable and takes less time. And that is the reason we provide same day service for this repair, as we know how crucial is for you to get it repaired as soon as possible. Most importantly we charge you very reasonably for this service, because at XGR we aim to provide high quality repairs along with low cost. You can find the cost of back glass repair below on this page.

iPhone 8£45
iPhone 8 Plus£50
iPhone X£55
iPhone XR£60
iPhone XS£65
iPhone XS Max£70
iPhone SE 2020£45
iPhone 11£60
iPhone 11 Pro£70
iPhone 11 Pro Max£80