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Difference between Original (OEM) and Generic (Copy Screens)


Original screen is defined below very nicely. Its pros and how to identify an Original screen over Copy ones.

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Original screen for iPhone often referred as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). These are the ones that are originally designed and manufactured by companies officially for Apple. Whereas Generic term means Copy or fake screens usually designed and assembled by third party companies typically by China.



As it can easily understand by the terms of course Original and Copy screens are different in many ways.

Usually customers ask this common question. Is there any difference between original and copy screens.? And which one would you recommend.?  Our answer to this is always same. WE only do Original screens and parts because that is what best for your device. And it’s not because we can make lot of money out of this. That’s not true because the price(s) of our Original screens are way lower than others in the market. The reason behind we recommend only Original(OEM) Screens and parts is because there are so many issues with China copy screens. Some of them are mentioned below..



original vs copyOne can see the difference between the quality of these two easily. Generic (copy screens) has much lower brightness, contrast and vibrancy. It just totally appears faded. OEM screens has smooth, shiny and even frame. You can easily tell the difference just by touching and feeling the copy screens. Copy screens frame are not adjusted properly resulting in uneven frames and even the bracelets are not smooth.


blog copySecondly the resolution of generic (copy screens) is much lower than the Original ones. The copy screens looks very coarse and reduced refresh rate. On the other hand Original screens have high resolution, good brightness, contrast and vibrancy.


touch screen blogOne of the biggest problems with the copy screens is the digitizer (touch) problem. Digitizer (touch) performance is usually substandard in copy screens. The symptoms are quite straightforward. Like  the screen stop responding properly to touch, exhibits glitch behavior or can be totally unusable. This happens more often especially when customers upgrade their IOS system. It is because the generic or copy screens are not compatible with higher IOS system. Copy screens can’t match with the performance of genuine Apple IC’s and thus the device having trouble with digitizer (touch).


Battery issues are also very common with these generic screens. The problem arises initially only with fast battery usage then to drainage of the battery. Thus sometimes resulting in battery damage for good.


Fake or copy screens have a very low quality life as it can easily be broken or damaged totally. Outcome customers usually are paying more on copy screens though in small quantities but more in totality. So it’s not really cost effective and hence less reliable than the Original ones. Thus Generic screens are less resilient to everyday use.


There are many other issues that come very handy with copy screens. Like for example fingerprint reader doesn’t work properly a part of screen assembly.

Certainly badly engineered screens can affect the motherboard severely or can totally leave the board damaged.

Generic screens can lower the speed and performance of the phone. It can damage the back-light circuitry.

At XG Mobile Phone Repair we aim to provide only Original Screen and parts to all of our customers because in believe in full customer satisfaction. You can learn more about our service at our Home page.


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