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AT XG Mobile Phone Repair we also provide Laptop repairing service. Laptop repair is bit complex and expensive to fix. If you go to other non-professional repair shops, they charge you way more than us. It is because laptops often requires complicated dis-assembly of the device. And if it’s not handled properly it might permanently damage of your device.

At XG Mobile phone repair we do all kinds of laptop repairs. Our services include:

INSTALLATION OF WINDOWS:windows installation

Whether your system window is not working properly or it is completely corrupt. Don’t worry we can easily sort your problem in no time and with minimum cost unlike others. We make sure to keep your data secure too.


hard disc repairHard disc issues are one of the most common hardware problem in laptops. We can sort any of your hard ware failure. Due to improper handling like dropping of the device. Or poor ventilation of your laptop can lead to the crash of hard disc. Sometimes the damage is irreversible but we try to recover your data as much as we can.


laptop batteryBattery problem is also a very common issue with laptops. Charging for too long, using fake or copy cables for your device are some reasons. Or simply you have a damaged battery due to extra heating of your device. All these results in battery damage. 


pc repairThere are so many other issues that can go wrong with your laptop device. Like for example RAM/ROM issues, Camera issues, virus problems ( removal or installation of Anti virus). More includes installation of other crucial software, boost speed or performance of the device. It can be motherboard issues, troubleshooting of network/wireless connection, overheating issues etc. There are also some simple issues like transferring of media/data, upgrading windows.

Sometimes replacement of parts is required like (for example keyboards, broken jacks or sockets, internal fan. Furthermore you may need screen replacement because of dim screen. This is because of back-light or inverter failure.

Customers are normally overly charged for their laptop repairs. Even on small repairing or installation of windows or other applications. Many shops or even companies charge more than they should be charging for the particular job. But not here in XG Mobile Phone Repair